Bad Choices Make Good Stories

by RS Cain

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Lila got distracted on the Blow Off The cardinal rule of being on the run Never get your honey Where you get your money Never mix romance with a gun Jimmy was a Roper on the west side Blackie had a handle on the Crew Tossing Broads and Crazy Larry Swinging Priests and Pregnant Mary The only life these Bunnies really knew For a little Flash We can score big cash Just Light the Flame On the Badger Game If you never risk it Life's a Trip For Biscuits You never get rich Off the Jamaican Switch Our girl Lila was a looker Just not the brightest in the hall But her hustler's education Explained the situation And Lila wouldn't stay behind the eight ball The Hook was a line from a Penny and Dime And some Babe Gam The flash was a little cash From the Butter And Egg Man The shade was a Classic Fade With a perfect Angle Then they heard the Chicago Lightning And they had to Dangle On the coast of Argentina In the town of San Major There's a statue of a lady Who could be somewhat shady And no one knows what the hell it's for
Damital 04:35
If you've got Groat's Disease Nothritis in your knees Neurodermatitus Or Amoria Phlebitus Bonerplasia Or plaxogrammaphasia Dry Ditch Fever Or DarKosis in your beaver If your johnson's got a wave 'Bout to send you to your grave You can cure it all With a healthy dose of Damital Now there's so many ills And man they got the pills The pills make you fine Until you lose your mind So you get an injection Which causes an infection Then they sell you lotions And other costly potions They can change your sex But they still can't change your ex Cure it all With a healthy dose of Damital Cosmic Rust got your dongle in the dust Mandular extrusion, sexual confusion Descolada, craving cheese furtadas Ain't no pill or shot No goat hair juju in a knot No cream or solution You rub on a contusion No salve or balm Or drink to keep you calm No hot designer drug To keep you warm and snug If your itch got no scratch And your attitude's a match Lose your stress and doubt With a well deserved timeout Damital
Toaster's broke, ain't no joke What am I gonna do? Energy bar for breakfast And 26 pairs of shoes I gotta go, runnin' way too slow Jump in my ponderous ride Hit the button to raise the door And back that sucker outside I got dreams, I got schemes, I'm in redemptive scenes But first I gotta pay my dues Buy some time, drop a dime, payin' way under prime Have you seen my Bolivian shoes? On the clock, on the chopping block The window's down the hall Make a toast, drop a post Connect my conference call Who's gonna serve what I deserve Gimme my silver and gold "Do what's right and you'll have your night" Is what we're always told Got no tears, Got no fears, you ain't gettin' in here 'Cause I got plenty to lose Build a wall, kill 'em all, give me back my job at the shopping mall Buddy ain't ya seen the news? Funk Crazy Facin' my 1st world problems Singin' my Christian Blues Wonderin' how to solve 'em Bad luck is no excuse IPad froze, TV blows Internet's way too slow Time to kill, can't buy a thrill Where did my fit-bit go? Trendy beauty, jury duty Same as yesterday Feelin' young and smooth and I can boldly move As soon as I can figure which way I got dreams, I got schemes, I'm in redemptive scenes But first I gotta pay my dues Draw the line, drop a dime, ain't no reasons justify these crimes Have you seen my Bolivian shoes? Funk Crazy Facin' my 1st world problems Singin' my Christian Blues Wonderin' how to solve 'em Bad luck is no excuse
So you need a place where you can see some faces Maybe go to get your groove on You got nothin to lose but a case of the blues Baby better get a move on Head down the street to the place with the beat That makes you wanna jump and holler You gotta hit the bricks and get into the mix You might want to fix your collar There's a girl waitin' there she's got strawberry hair Some shoes that she would die for She got magical hips, she's luscious of lip Got some other things you would lie for Take her out on the floor before she finds the door Show her just what you're made of She ain't shy so you better be sly If you wanna taste the tunnel of love Out of the blue You want to play the game have fortune and fame Better come around to what is true Out of the blue Fashion is fine if that's your line You'll pay up when the rent is due Out of the blue Get your back off the wall you can have it all Really ain't nothin' new Out of the blue Nobody wants to be lonely Nobody wants to be Lost in the crowd You can figure it out or you can cast about And fade away into the dark Take your shot, be the Sultan of Swat And hit it right out of the park It's there for you if you can see it through And find your way into the sun It's here or there but you should be aware Over there nobody's havin' fun
Winners 04:15
Hear the spinners We're all winners Where's the border patrol? Morning twitters Gives you the jitters Chaos is the new way to roll Climbs a tall tree to lie When the gospel's on the ground Gonna spend my money while the world's still around Run for the hills And observe the thrills When it blows Misguided reason Nepotistic treason Each day a new centerfold Evil child fan base In a more humane place People couldn't be so cold You pulled that curtain and you know what you did Now we're all babysitters for the world's meanest kid Saying "Get in line It'll be just fine" I don't know.... (CHORUS) All you winners, virtuoustic sinners have to know What's at stake here, what it's gonna take here Legal wankers Russian bankers Keep the paramours paid Clumsy collusion Populist delusion All our foundations betrayed Call it fake news When they're caught in the act They're rebuilding this world on alternative facts Sell it large And deny the charge Daddy-O (2nd Chorus) All you losers, deep state accusers have to know What's at stake here, what it's gonna take here
Little Kings 04:19
In the big town Painted red and blue There's some gangsters Sent by me and you They got fancy suits And shiny shoes And they don't care About the job they're supposed to do It's a circus act That's a fact 'cause once they get there They don't look back They're the Little Kings In the back room Up the stairs It's all quid pro quo And laissez faire Build a shipyard Over there Skim the profits And give it to the millionaires Shut down the halls And paint the walls With the blood of the common man They're the Little Kings Pennies for your dreams Billions for their schemes Nothing's as it seems Your assurance From the hill Each step forward Leaves you standing still They move up We go downhill Death by friendly fire An appropriation bill Lies and fraud From men of straw Out of reach And above the law They're the Little Kings
Skullbuggery 05:02
Long Gone 03:55
Last night lyin' in bed Heard those voices in my head "You should be long gone" We did our best to make it right Still the darkness kills the light I should be long gone Bridge: There's nothin' left but jealousy, hate, and tears It's time for me to go Our love has died you've made it clear I wish you'd ask for me to stay The only thing I hear you say "Wish you were long gone" Solo I don't know why it went so wrong Don't know why we can't get along Instead I'm long gone Some day I don't know when Maybe I'll think of you as a friend But now I'm long gone Bridge: A love that once was warm has grown so cold I finally realize Our time has passed, our story's told I'm leavin' now, won't say goodbye Don't say you're sorry 'cause that's a lie I'm finally long gone
Let's take a walk of the virtual kind We'll be OK if we stay in our minds A wondrous view of the commonplace An empty street with a cotton face Social distance got us Remember when you could talk to me Shake my hand and be worry free Go downtown for a matinee Not much goin down today Social Distance got us Try to make it safer All hide world wide Hope the curve will taper Masks on, long gone There's no toilet paper Got no reason why Laugh so you don't cry Just don't touch me I guess in time when we reminisce We won't believe it could come to this All our progress and all our pride Still won't save us if we go outside Social Distance got us
I don't want to be The last man alive I don't want to be The last man to be unhappy I don't want to see The last sunset seen 'round here I don't want to be The last man alive I don't want to walk Along the beach alone I don't want to talk Just to myself Wander empty streets Hoping just to hear Anyone but me Last time I had any company Didn't work out like I planned My paranoia got the best of me Now they're toes are in the sand Free in this borderless prison King of all I see Numb to the horror around me Here at the edge of the sea I don't want to be The last man alive I don't want to be The last man to be unhappy I don't want to see The last sunset seen 'round here I don't want to be Alone


The songs on this album were recorded over a period of several years....and styles.
The choices were all mine.


released December 14, 2018

RS Cain-Guitars, Bass, Vocals, midi programming
Donte Purdy- Keyboards, midi programming
Recorded, mixed, mastered, etc. at Bear In The Woods Studio Versailles, KY.


all rights reserved



RS Cain Versailles, Kentucky

I'm a guitarist, singer, and songwriter from central Kentucky.
My music is a mix of many different influences; from the country and western I heard as a child to some stuff I heard yesterday.
I write songs primarily to make you shake your money maker. I'm not deep, and I'm certainly no virtuoso. I just want you to have a good time.
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